Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear 2010

Yet another year is coming to an end. The ever so common thoughts of the months transpiring by so quickly come to mind, and inspire me to look back at 2010, or which ever the number may be.
A simple and efficient quote can describe a part of this past year, found in my horoscope section. Not that I live by those sheepish fortunes; but I do in fact agree with this one:
"In 2010 you will be able to make choices which set you free. Between late May and early August, as Uranus moves into a new sector of the sky - and then immediately gets involved in another opposition to Saturn - you will have to overcome one last big hurdle to lasting happiness."
Ok, well as many of you know, I left for San Francisco from May to August, a good 3 months. I think this quote describes well my stay, and is creepily accurate for the time frame. It is all to say I found my happiness when I came back. The big challenged wasn't to leave for the first time, prepared or not, to travel far places on my own, in solitude, with nothing but my mind and my backpack, but to come back and realise where I belong. I had to do it to set that notion in stone. I love where I am from, and I took it for granted.

If you could bundle up many important milestones of your current life and stick em into one year, 2010 would be it for me. I saw another part of the world, a great experience, I came back a new me, a positive little thinker. Black and white is the only way to describe my attitude in January and then now in December. I flipped the coin, turned the page, and looked right in front of me; focused like an arrow, and happy.
With my new born attitude, I came back, and immediatly found the best job I can think of getting. I then found the most adorable appartment I could ever dream of getting on my own, my first, alone. With the sound of rumbling steel in my backyard. Im at peace.

Countless little discoveries I have savored throughout the year, have made it so great. Images flashing through my mind of rolling hills, rock, deserts and oceans dissipate like a long gone dream as I fall alseep every night. I remember scents of the hot California summer air, the salty ocean breeze from the beach, the dry and hot air of the Nevada desert, and the never forgotten warmth and familiarity of a rainy and sticky evening in Montreal.

Now frozen in the Canadian winter, I sit in my warm and cozy pink bed looking through the frost bitten window, with the ever so handy novel "On the Road" by my side, I watch the freights crawling by, and the occasional passenger train, with little lit up windows that flash by.

Good night.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey guys!

So I'm done designing my brand new website! Its live, go check it out:

I feel like this one is more mature, current, professional and simple to use.
I can make changes on it when I want to.
The "Gallery" section has an easy to use drop down menu to choose one of the four folders:
drawings, paintings, portraits, tattoos.

You can contact me through my contact page, by either leaving a comment regarding; the site, artwork, comissions, questions or appointments, or you can e-mail me. I also added the information on where I work.

My "Exhibits" page contains a list of art shows I have participated in, aswell as clothing companies and bands I have done work for.

In "Links" you can find me on Facebook, Deviant Art etc.

If you want to go back to my bio, just click on "HILARY JANE" at the top of the page.

Much love! Hope you guys like it
Hilary Jane.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Desensitize me.

These days I have somewhat been seeing blue.
 I feel like there is a lack of expression despite the constant flow of imagination in my mind and heart. I draw unconsciously, my hand directs the pencil to a line, to a shape, to a creation, but I seem distant, non connected. Many projects I have in mind are underway with planning and preparation, but no execution. Painting is one medium I feel more connected to, I haven't done it in a while, and my body aches to start wonderful pieces. In the mean time, I sing and play music, but do not write anything new. My mind seems to be in a fog, I dont feel in the present, work all the time, I have not much time to sit back and enjoy what I have, or what I have accomplished. This seems to result in constantly anticipating the future. All of this to say, I absolutely need to create, I need to let go of the frustration, the sadness.
Most of you will say, you are sure lucky to have the talent and drive, the success, the security. Well I certainly agree, but I believe we all lack something. I am extremely greatful for all I have been through, and all I am going through, but who am I sharing this with?
No one.
This is no pitty me letter. It is simply to put words on what I am feeling. I have a lack of writing, and alot of drawing, but it is nice sometimes to specifically point out what you have in mind, and not abstractly wiggle your wrist from left to right.
Its been a little over a year now since my last and only love. I worked out my frustrations about falling for a madman and heartbreak caused by an impossible love, painting my poor mind away, writing it out in a tune, travelled my heart out to the other end of the continent. And then again, all of this madness was achieved one step at a time in solitude, the midnight rambler I am, the lone wolf I call myself is a little worn out from doing it all on my own.
So greatful to have achieved what I have this year, Ive travelled for the first time in my life, in complete solitude on an unfamiliar train, and unfamiliar route, to a never before seen city, I sought out after happiness, a new life, a new experience. It didn't turn out to be as I expected. That was the purpose, it was meant to change me in a drastic way. I came back happy and greatful, more than ever in my entire life.
 I felt having nothing, I felt having no one at my side, no family or friends. I saw distress in the eyes of the jobless, I saw anger in the people I met, it was scary enough to see myself in them. I was so far away, yet I saw me in perfect strangers, 3000 miles away.
But I needed to be free, I needed to look beyond, and see nothing but open road, open hills and deserts.

Every day I come a little closer to knowing myself better.

All I want to say is that the solitary year has been an intense ride, and hopefully will come to an end, at least for a little while.
 I have grown extremely strong, but having someone stronger at my side holding me through the cold night would be an even greater gift, for I would like to feel the vulnerability I felt one year ago when I wasn't quite alone 
Only this time, it wouldn't be for saying something innapropriate, but for not being able to open the pickle jar.

Good night.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bal Masque

This Nov. 20th, we are organizing a beautiful tattoo art show in the name of burlesque. There will be 50 tattoo artists, local and international that will be presenting flash art in their own style.
Burlesque styled costumes and/or Masquerade mask is obligatory!~
Entry is 8$

Come see all the wonderful artwork at 4525 St.Denis (corner Mont.Royal)

Here is a sneak peek (yes I am cheating!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was looking forward to Halloween this year very much, meticulously preparing my costume, and keeping track of upcoming events. But, it didnt turn out as planned. Not much happened in town, not many people were into it this year, but Im glad I have an awesome outfit for future shoots!
I've been researching period costuming, around the 18th century, very baroque lavish outfits and intricate milinery inspired by the era. So I made my pirate hat from scratch, starting out with a basic black felt hat, I then sewed the sides to the top, and folded the front to give it that pirate tricorn shape. I added a triangular lace fabric, to let fall on the back sides, and added a red silk ribbon.
A little black sparkly skull decorates the front, aswell as boiled chicken bones, painted bright gold, in the shape of an "X".
For the back, I added a gold skeleton hand, and ostrich feathers ornated with red swarovski gems. The main centerpiece was the boat, I looked everywhere for a premade decorative sailboat, but had to opt for a model clipper ship in plastic, 3 hours of glueing tiny parts together, I finally got it together!
Here are some pictures :)

Friday, October 29, 2010


I never really posted any info on the Art and Tattoo Show Convention, so here it is.
This year was so much fun! The shop MTL Tattoo and Tatooatouage each had a booth, we are 8 artists total. I did not tattoo at the convention but I did take advantage of the wonderful international artists.
I've been running after Adam Turk for about a year now, planning on going down to San Diego to get inked by him, since I was in LA at the time. But I ended up just grabbing an appointment in Montreal, where he had a booth.
I wanted a piece that somewhat symbolized my trip accross the states, considering myself a "lone wolf" for many years now, why not get one tattooed. This was a big step for me, my first arm tattoo!
I was hesitant to get it, a wolf, usually black with some red accents seemed a little too masculine, but I went with my instinct and the artist's incredible ability, how could I back down?
Its an extremely colorful profile of a growling wolf, a rose, a blood moon and a banner that reads "Midnight Rambler", how perfect!
We started the piece at the convention on saturday, the piece took about 4 hours to complete, it covers most of my back-fore arm, just under the elbow.
I told Turk that we'd definetly win the Tattoo of the day before he even started. That same night, I entered the contest, competing against approx. 45 other amazing pieces.
Quite funny when the announcer called my number! I knew we'd win. I'm proud of owning an award winning piece on my arm! The lines are perfect, the shading, spotless. Got a little interview aswell on Musique Plus!
Here are a few pics!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tatter Jammers

A couple new tattoos from this month!
Back to portraits, and black and grey work. 

Im finally on the MTL Tattoo website, official crew member! So, more exposure, more of my favorite tatts.

Working on tons of new projects, will keep you posted


Monday, August 30, 2010

Octo Antoinette

Been even more obsessed with baroque marie antoinette inspired pieces, mixed in with deep sea elements. Still love zombies, but gotta focus on what sells in the market, Ill always keep my macabre elements, like these fab octopus eyeball buttons, but less blood for the masses. Gotta make $$$

heres the new piece: (and inspiration)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I will take a few seconds to make notice of the people who take time out of their ''busy schedules'' to rat me out. Id also like to elaborate of the fact that most of the time, they do not know me. People who know me well are my best friends and oddly enough for some others stay with me for many years.

I am an artist, I like looking presentable, I love creating awesome artwork for the public, I love creating for myself as well, I love sharing my interests and art with people so they can also be inspired, I love music, I love playing music.
Being so passionate and obsesssive about these things can make people believe there is nothing more to me.
OBVIOUSLY, the interests stated above are my ego speaking.
Ego= thoughts, objects, emotions, past experiences, my story, my life, whatever ''I'' attach myself too so I can understand my sense of self.
Do I have a soul apart from that? I sure do!
 If you're so keen on anonymously ratting me out because of these superficialities and as you would state ''talents'' or ''public persona'', wouldn't you be also keen on getting to know my true self?
I am constantly boggled by the hate I sense from people; strangers.
I put myself out there, I spend hours on end creating artwork, entertaining, and trying to inspire people, and you turn your back because of envy?
Please go spend your time making a change in your world, because that's what I do on a daily basis, and damn do I feel GREAT.

On another note, heres a new piece from last week! Please do enjoy it (to fans)
These days, I am in a more baroque elaborate mood, just to ice the cake a little.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am currently looking for an appartment, and I am designing my living space in the styles of Saloon, southwestern rustic, and victorian kitsch camp! My style is pretty ecclectic but hopefully everything will come together nicely, mixing in victorian frames, animal skulls, log chairs and cow hide...
Here are a few images I found breathtaking!

And of course, greatly inspired by the artistic style of Liz McGrath, one of my favorite artist, deer heads, please...EVERYWHERE!   And the amazing chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage, more deer skull? Thank you.

New series!!!

Here are pieces from my newest series I worked on back in San Francisco....I haven't drawn since these which were back 3 weeks ago.
But I am back in Montreal, and ready to roll again!
These days I've been finding new inspiration in native and southwestern artwork since my trip to the West coast. Hopefully I can start painting again with those genres of elements; bull skulls, feathers, deserts, trains, and the usual macabre aspect in my pieces.

New pieces up on TooFastOnline!! Check them out on:
Darkside Clothing (UK):
Jewelry with Torture Couture:
and my classic Lowbrow T-shirts!!!!

Enjoy! xx

For more artwork, visit my website: