Monday, August 30, 2010

Octo Antoinette

Been even more obsessed with baroque marie antoinette inspired pieces, mixed in with deep sea elements. Still love zombies, but gotta focus on what sells in the market, Ill always keep my macabre elements, like these fab octopus eyeball buttons, but less blood for the masses. Gotta make $$$

heres the new piece: (and inspiration)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I will take a few seconds to make notice of the people who take time out of their ''busy schedules'' to rat me out. Id also like to elaborate of the fact that most of the time, they do not know me. People who know me well are my best friends and oddly enough for some others stay with me for many years.

I am an artist, I like looking presentable, I love creating awesome artwork for the public, I love creating for myself as well, I love sharing my interests and art with people so they can also be inspired, I love music, I love playing music.
Being so passionate and obsesssive about these things can make people believe there is nothing more to me.
OBVIOUSLY, the interests stated above are my ego speaking.
Ego= thoughts, objects, emotions, past experiences, my story, my life, whatever ''I'' attach myself too so I can understand my sense of self.
Do I have a soul apart from that? I sure do!
 If you're so keen on anonymously ratting me out because of these superficialities and as you would state ''talents'' or ''public persona'', wouldn't you be also keen on getting to know my true self?
I am constantly boggled by the hate I sense from people; strangers.
I put myself out there, I spend hours on end creating artwork, entertaining, and trying to inspire people, and you turn your back because of envy?
Please go spend your time making a change in your world, because that's what I do on a daily basis, and damn do I feel GREAT.

On another note, heres a new piece from last week! Please do enjoy it (to fans)
These days, I am in a more baroque elaborate mood, just to ice the cake a little.