Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 Deadly.

Here are some pics of my latest sleeve. My client was pretty open about the interpretation of these 7 deadly sins, so for me it was alot of fun!

This is my 2nd sleeve...Still trying to find a way for a better composition that suits my style.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

a sketch a day.

I have had a pretty tumultuous week in my state of mind. 
A sketch day to take the pain away.

 You can find me on Instagram: hilaryjane666

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I have been trying to write some more music recently after buying a recording mic and studio equipment.
(As a side project, I currently play with the Hobo Outlaws from Montreal; a country / bluegrass band, good friends of mine. As a washboard player, I am the newest addition to the banjo, guitar, fiddle, upright bass foursome. It is certainly alot of fun, and I am stoked to play more shows with them!)

 In the mean time, Im working on some solo tunes, you can find on my Reverb Nation profile:

Feel free to check it out! You can also find me on the Facebook band profile: Hilary Jane

Hopefully, next spring I will do some real recordings with my boys Liquorbox from Kingston, ON, that I travelled down with to Tennessee last September. Check them out on Facebook as well!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

PinUp Parties

So a few weeks ago I was asked by a very talented photographer client of mine if she could design a studio set inspired by my work. YES! I am honored to have this created, and it far exceded my expectations; it turned out beautiful!

The girls (Marisa Parisella and Marie-Sophie) both designed the studio, costume, makeup, and hair.

This is what they came up with;

Hilary Jane Set
*Dark, Elegant, Mysterious*

Available at the studio from November 10th to December 24th 2011.
Complete Package: 150$
Includes: Custom hair, makeup, special set, accessories, several costumes, shoes, jewellery, 100-150 photos which you can leave with the same day!
For info call: 514-473-3218 or email:

Custom Costumes designed by Marie-sophie Rondeau of Vintage Love, Set designed by Marisa Parisella based on artwork by Hilary Jane Petersen - Check out her work here:

The other girls!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


A little Bach goes a long way....

These are some pictures I took tonight...of myself, again.
Well lets say, living alone with a craving to do photography can't always be super organized with a model on hand. I do enjoy posing, and most of all, in these moments of inspiration, taking pictures and experimenting with editing techniques are what I enjoy the most. Once I get my studio up and running (efficiently and orderly) I will hopefully have some friends to sit in front of the camera this time.

This was a little preview of my latest Halloween costume of a satanic nun. Ive always loved religious imagery, IE rosaries, costumes, artwork, calligraphy...I try to captures those elements in my photography and illustrations, any outlet I get my hands on...

I am going to base my next painting on this and the next shoots to come, for the Black & White art show held at my work. Not sure if Ill use any of these pictures for reference, but Ill do another involving more props, a lamb skulL? YES!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rebel Ink

Here is my feature in the latest Rebel Ink mag! (November issue)
Check below to read the article..


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


New photoshoot with GeoPhoto for The Owl Coop earrings and rings!
Wardrobe by: The Desert Child (on etsy) a part from the bolo tie

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have always loved rosaries so much, and my mother had a bunch I would play with when I was a kid. They are so delicate and well crafted, but I could never find some that resonate within my style and the feel Id like to express. So I looked up some techniques on how to make them, got tons of sweet pearls of different sizes and shapes, bead attachers, chains, and crosses.

I will start selling them in the near future. I will get an Etsy account up.
*Theyre all inverted crosses by the way. I make custom pieces as well, keep updated!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well the night ain't long enough
Don't ever wanna see the sun shine above
Caus the hounds'll bark and nip at you
When you look up to the sky, and slip on through

When the sun done shine, I will see my fate
Oh please let me live just another day
Caus I wanna breathe just another night
Oh lord I'm tellin you this ain't my time

When the sun done shine, I will be alone
I wanna see more of them towns I've roamed
One more time...Just one more time

Well the night ain't long enough
Don't ever wanna see the sun shine above
Caus when I see the moon and stars
I know that my babe won't be too far

Now the sun's gonna lead me to the gallows there
I dreamed that I'd live another year
But when the shadows fall, they'll bury my bones
Well I'd rather have the moon when I die alone

Well the night ain't long enough
Don't ever wanna see the sun shine above
Caus I'll be dead...Oh I'll be dead

freedom dies.

To listen to the song, visit: ''The Gallows''

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature Vs Nurture

So Ive been totally submerged into fashion lately, visiting countless blogs and websites, including my favorite and trusted Etsy.

I just want to post some pictures of things that make me cringe (in a good way). These pictures seem to hit home with me and my past. I feel like ive found my truest style; the leather, the feathers, the beads and rosaries and crosses. These elements make me feel like running out in the field to pick some flowers, or jump on my horse and gallop away. And then again make me feel that evil spirit in me that drives me through this wicked city. Yin & Yang.

So were talking Americana, inverted crosses, fringe and feathers. (I love the irony)
 Its all about the freedom to travel and discover, the freedom to think and create, and pay hommage to our founding fathers and mothers of Canada. And not those europeans that pillaged, raped and converted them.  

Because being in tune with nature is the most beautiful thing, more beautiful than a 'more beautiful land above the heavens', that in the end, well you know the rest...

Side note: count my words when I say the next trend is 70's american southwestern native attire. So great but so sad :( Nevertheless I will always be in my zone when rockin' out the leather fringe, cowboy boots and on Buffy Sainte-Marie. even if all the gals in the world do. Cause I was born in a stable afterall. 

Rima Hyena

Anna R-K

The Desert Child

                                                                                   Toxic Vision

Rima Hyena

Blood Milk

my first rosary creation   

The Owl Coop