Friday, October 29, 2010


I never really posted any info on the Art and Tattoo Show Convention, so here it is.
This year was so much fun! The shop MTL Tattoo and Tatooatouage each had a booth, we are 8 artists total. I did not tattoo at the convention but I did take advantage of the wonderful international artists.
I've been running after Adam Turk for about a year now, planning on going down to San Diego to get inked by him, since I was in LA at the time. But I ended up just grabbing an appointment in Montreal, where he had a booth.
I wanted a piece that somewhat symbolized my trip accross the states, considering myself a "lone wolf" for many years now, why not get one tattooed. This was a big step for me, my first arm tattoo!
I was hesitant to get it, a wolf, usually black with some red accents seemed a little too masculine, but I went with my instinct and the artist's incredible ability, how could I back down?
Its an extremely colorful profile of a growling wolf, a rose, a blood moon and a banner that reads "Midnight Rambler", how perfect!
We started the piece at the convention on saturday, the piece took about 4 hours to complete, it covers most of my back-fore arm, just under the elbow.
I told Turk that we'd definetly win the Tattoo of the day before he even started. That same night, I entered the contest, competing against approx. 45 other amazing pieces.
Quite funny when the announcer called my number! I knew we'd win. I'm proud of owning an award winning piece on my arm! The lines are perfect, the shading, spotless. Got a little interview aswell on Musique Plus!
Here are a few pics!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tatter Jammers

A couple new tattoos from this month!
Back to portraits, and black and grey work. 

Im finally on the MTL Tattoo website, official crew member! So, more exposure, more of my favorite tatts.

Working on tons of new projects, will keep you posted