Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey guys!

So I'm done designing my brand new website! Its live, go check it out:

I feel like this one is more mature, current, professional and simple to use.
I can make changes on it when I want to.
The "Gallery" section has an easy to use drop down menu to choose one of the four folders:
drawings, paintings, portraits, tattoos.

You can contact me through my contact page, by either leaving a comment regarding; the site, artwork, comissions, questions or appointments, or you can e-mail me. I also added the information on where I work.

My "Exhibits" page contains a list of art shows I have participated in, aswell as clothing companies and bands I have done work for.

In "Links" you can find me on Facebook, Deviant Art etc.

If you want to go back to my bio, just click on "HILARY JANE" at the top of the page.

Much love! Hope you guys like it
Hilary Jane.


  1. Your website is definitely more professional looking. The design elements actually tell much about you. And the good thing about it is that a visitor can easily browse the website with minimal clicking. My only concern is that the navigational tools for the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ pages of photos in your gallery are quite hard to find. The letters are quite small and the color is very light. I think you should find a contrasting color to make the font clearer to read. Aside from that, I think your website is almost perfect.

    >Darryl Tay

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  5. I like the simplicity of your website. Although I can see that it needs a little SEO optimization to drive more visitors that will in turn will be your customers.
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