Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am currently looking for an appartment, and I am designing my living space in the styles of Saloon, southwestern rustic, and victorian kitsch camp! My style is pretty ecclectic but hopefully everything will come together nicely, mixing in victorian frames, animal skulls, log chairs and cow hide...
Here are a few images I found breathtaking!

And of course, greatly inspired by the artistic style of Liz McGrath, one of my favorite artist, deer heads, please...EVERYWHERE!   And the amazing chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage, more deer skull? Thank you.

New series!!!

Here are pieces from my newest series I worked on back in San Francisco....I haven't drawn since these which were back 3 weeks ago.
But I am back in Montreal, and ready to roll again!
These days I've been finding new inspiration in native and southwestern artwork since my trip to the West coast. Hopefully I can start painting again with those genres of elements; bull skulls, feathers, deserts, trains, and the usual macabre aspect in my pieces.

New pieces up on TooFastOnline!! Check them out on:
Darkside Clothing (UK):
Jewelry with Torture Couture:
and my classic Lowbrow T-shirts!!!!

Enjoy! xx

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