Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was looking forward to Halloween this year very much, meticulously preparing my costume, and keeping track of upcoming events. But, it didnt turn out as planned. Not much happened in town, not many people were into it this year, but Im glad I have an awesome outfit for future shoots!
I've been researching period costuming, around the 18th century, very baroque lavish outfits and intricate milinery inspired by the era. So I made my pirate hat from scratch, starting out with a basic black felt hat, I then sewed the sides to the top, and folded the front to give it that pirate tricorn shape. I added a triangular lace fabric, to let fall on the back sides, and added a red silk ribbon.
A little black sparkly skull decorates the front, aswell as boiled chicken bones, painted bright gold, in the shape of an "X".
For the back, I added a gold skeleton hand, and ostrich feathers ornated with red swarovski gems. The main centerpiece was the boat, I looked everywhere for a premade decorative sailboat, but had to opt for a model clipper ship in plastic, 3 hours of glueing tiny parts together, I finally got it together!
Here are some pictures :)

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