Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I am currently looking for an appartment, and I am designing my living space in the styles of Saloon, southwestern rustic, and victorian kitsch camp! My style is pretty ecclectic but hopefully everything will come together nicely, mixing in victorian frames, animal skulls, log chairs and cow hide...
Here are a few images I found breathtaking!

And of course, greatly inspired by the artistic style of Liz McGrath, one of my favorite artist, deer heads, please...EVERYWHERE!   And the amazing chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage, more deer skull? Thank you.


  1. If you want to be an actual successful artist, you need to begin explaining your situations more properly to your devoted fans. Maybe you should use your new blog for this instead of posting photos of what you want. We are left in the dark, most often, unless something turns out 'good' for you and then you sprinkle a bit our way.

    Explaining "left in the dark": why did you hurry home so quickly? what were your disappointments? why did your roommate kick you out? why were you Not successful in California? How can you work on bettering yourself and improving on your personality? If you were to be more honest about your 'self', we would feel even more caring and devoted to you. As it is, you are rather cold and distant, unwilling to reveal truth if you do not succeed in something, et cetera. We are here for the struggle as well. I don't believe you know that.

    All it shows us, when you don't explain, is that you DO have a problem with attitude, and you really ARE somewhat of a child with a big talent, too big for her own good. As well as the fact that you never bothered to explain why you are no longer working at Atelier Legend'art.

    Nothing is ever answered. Your fans are not the only ones here to support you; it would be nice if you supported us as well.

    This is merely a critique that I hope you decide to learn a bit from, and not decide to write an angry Facebook Status about it, as you seem to be prone to doing whenever you get mad at someone who questions you.

    Good luck.


  2. I do not know who you are. And my reasons for whatever you are so interested in are personal. I doubt you are in my circle of friends. So that is none of your business. I doubt youre a devoted fan, you sound more like a devoted stalker. Stay out of my shit.