Friday, October 29, 2010


I never really posted any info on the Art and Tattoo Show Convention, so here it is.
This year was so much fun! The shop MTL Tattoo and Tatooatouage each had a booth, we are 8 artists total. I did not tattoo at the convention but I did take advantage of the wonderful international artists.
I've been running after Adam Turk for about a year now, planning on going down to San Diego to get inked by him, since I was in LA at the time. But I ended up just grabbing an appointment in Montreal, where he had a booth.
I wanted a piece that somewhat symbolized my trip accross the states, considering myself a "lone wolf" for many years now, why not get one tattooed. This was a big step for me, my first arm tattoo!
I was hesitant to get it, a wolf, usually black with some red accents seemed a little too masculine, but I went with my instinct and the artist's incredible ability, how could I back down?
Its an extremely colorful profile of a growling wolf, a rose, a blood moon and a banner that reads "Midnight Rambler", how perfect!
We started the piece at the convention on saturday, the piece took about 4 hours to complete, it covers most of my back-fore arm, just under the elbow.
I told Turk that we'd definetly win the Tattoo of the day before he even started. That same night, I entered the contest, competing against approx. 45 other amazing pieces.
Quite funny when the announcer called my number! I knew we'd win. I'm proud of owning an award winning piece on my arm! The lines are perfect, the shading, spotless. Got a little interview aswell on Musique Plus!
Here are a few pics!


  1. It came beautiful still saving money to get tattooed by you :)

  2. I just love his work...definitely a great inspiration...such as yours, beautifull lady!