Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature Vs Nurture

So Ive been totally submerged into fashion lately, visiting countless blogs and websites, including my favorite and trusted Etsy.

I just want to post some pictures of things that make me cringe (in a good way). These pictures seem to hit home with me and my past. I feel like ive found my truest style; the leather, the feathers, the beads and rosaries and crosses. These elements make me feel like running out in the field to pick some flowers, or jump on my horse and gallop away. And then again make me feel that evil spirit in me that drives me through this wicked city. Yin & Yang.

So were talking Americana, inverted crosses, fringe and feathers. (I love the irony)
 Its all about the freedom to travel and discover, the freedom to think and create, and pay hommage to our founding fathers and mothers of Canada. And not those europeans that pillaged, raped and converted them.  

Because being in tune with nature is the most beautiful thing, more beautiful than a 'more beautiful land above the heavens', that in the end, well you know the rest...

Side note: count my words when I say the next trend is 70's american southwestern native attire. So great but so sad :( Nevertheless I will always be in my zone when rockin' out the leather fringe, cowboy boots and on Buffy Sainte-Marie. even if all the gals in the world do. Cause I was born in a stable afterall. 

Rima Hyena

Anna R-K

The Desert Child

                                                                                   Toxic Vision

Rima Hyena

Blood Milk

my first rosary creation   

The Owl Coop   



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