Thursday, November 3, 2011


A little Bach goes a long way....

These are some pictures I took tonight...of myself, again.
Well lets say, living alone with a craving to do photography can't always be super organized with a model on hand. I do enjoy posing, and most of all, in these moments of inspiration, taking pictures and experimenting with editing techniques are what I enjoy the most. Once I get my studio up and running (efficiently and orderly) I will hopefully have some friends to sit in front of the camera this time.

This was a little preview of my latest Halloween costume of a satanic nun. Ive always loved religious imagery, IE rosaries, costumes, artwork, calligraphy...I try to captures those elements in my photography and illustrations, any outlet I get my hands on...

I am going to base my next painting on this and the next shoots to come, for the Black & White art show held at my work. Not sure if Ill use any of these pictures for reference, but Ill do another involving more props, a lamb skulL? YES!


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  1. Hi Hillary, just stumbled across your blog, I really like your illustrations :)