Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I recently did my first more or less real shoot as the photographer.
I studied photography in Cegep a few years back, but basically dropped out to tattoo full time, it just wasn't very stimulating.
Nevertheless, my passion for photography still maintained its importance in my life, and even more so in the past few months. Last year I bought my first professional camera, a Canon Rebel T3, mostly for my tattoo work, travels and some here and there photos of my face.
I constantly browse through blogs looking for inspirational photos, ideas, themes, and have been feeling pretty inspired. So I rallied up two of my coolest and most gore-geous girlfriends to model for me, none of them have any experience, but they were stoked about getting shot by me, and they did great.

I chose Stef for a more glamourous and pinup styled look, considering her bright red hair, and for Hannah, she inspired me to do something more witchcrafty, and satanic.

They did a great job!!! I am excited to have them model for me again soon.

Hilary x

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