Sunday, January 16, 2011


Liz McGrath

Ok, so for many months now, I have been collection images of whimsical novelty decor. I am not a true follower of novelty design (as a whole, ex: cowboy print on everysingle fabric in the house), but done with subtlelty and choice, it can bring a whole new feel to a space; as long as you create a feel based on one magical item, matching its colors and more or less its theme.
My current living room was going to be close to themed, but I opted for toning it down a little, inspired by saloon interior design and religious design, I painted my walls metallic brass, giving it a warm and vintage feel, and decorated with many frames, and artwork; oddly enough these two themes work well together. I have candles pretty much everywhere for the church atmosphere, but have big and bold items like my red saloon lamp, and pink victorian couch that fit with my dark brown furniture, oh an a couple deer hooves here and there.
All is to say, find one favorite item, and then you can start designing around it, for a room that fits alltogether.
For the images displayed, these are some of my favorite items to start decorating with. Animals seem to be lost in time when it comes to household items, they bring the room to life (or to death I might say). I have always been fascinated by turn of the century researchers a la Darwin, as I lovingly imagine a study full of beautiful birds in glass bells and goat heads and bear rugs.
Bring on the taxidermy. Animal is back.

                                                         Maximo Riera

                                                        Morgan Black

Adam Wallacavage

Liz McGrath


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